U.S. Volunteers & Staff

Jody Christianson  Moringa USA Bookkeeper & Donor Services   
Martha D. Bruch,  Grant research consultant 
Sharon Brackett  IT Services, Consultant, and Computer Support for MCSOT John Frymyer  Volunteer Legal Advisor   
A short note about our Moringa Core of Volunteers. Moringa has enjoyed the help of at least (14) fourteen helpful volunteers from the date of our project inception in 2008.  It would be wrong of us to not honor those that have served and sought to help us over the last decade. To all of you who have helped at one time or another we thank you. Effective 2011, I've chosen to cull, this, our US Volunteers page, down to our core group of truly "Active" volunteers that serve Moringa not just in name but in action and deed today.  To be clear, Moringa USA truly is made up of just a total of (8) eight people.  These being (4) four Active Board Members and just (4) active and current volunteers.  To our core group of active - "Oar in the water" volunteers of Jody, Martha, Sharon, and John. God bless each of you for the work you do and for sticking it out in a truly dedicated way to help the work of  MoringaCommunity.Org   

Jody Christianson Jody Christianson   
Moringa Bookkeeper and Donor Liaison

Jody of Bozeman Montana is Moringa's bookkeeper volunteer effective January 2011.  Jody and husband Mike have been huge supporters of the Moringa Project since the very beginning and this means the very beginning.  Jody and Mike were one of the first people to step up to help Jeff and Linda Lohr fund Abu's travel to the USA at the birth of this remarkable project even before the project incorporated and actually became a living breathing entity.  Now in 2011 Jody has kicked her support up a remarkable number of notches by taking over our books and actually fully relieving Jeff Lohr (president, treasurer, webmaster) of this enormously time consuming but quite necessary and detail oriented job.  We cannot thank Jody enough for this enormous act of kindness and true spirit of volunteerism.  Jody's selfless action here will finally free Jeffry to more heavily focus on administering the organization and finally freeing more time for making the long overdue updates to this web site in addition to what Jeffry has always done best, fundraising.   Thanks Jody! 

Martha Bruch MARTHA D. BRUCH
Grant Research & Writer Assistant

Martha Bruch is a PH.D -Professor of Physical Chemistry at Oswego State University of New York.  With her life long commitment to science and research, Dr. Bruch comes to us with valuable expertise in grant writing research and development.  Anyone affiliated with a company, foundation, or organization that offers financial support for high quality grassroots projects like the Moringa Project, please email Martha at:

Sharon BrackettTracy "Sharon" Brackett
Project IT Consultant
(Ms. Brackett served on the Moringa USA BOD from 2009 to 2017)

Sharon played a key role in the initial development of this web site in 2009, enabled our secure online credit card donor services and, and was instrumental in establishing the platform for the computer communication and IT Department at our Moringa Community School of Trades (MCSOT) in Ghana.  Her Ideas and actions were essential to the early development of this project. Sharon remains active on the Moringa Project as our volunteer Computer and IT specialist both on the USA side as well as the MCSOT end of the project in Ghana.  Thank you Sharon for your continuted service to the Moringa Community Project.



John Frymyer
 John Frymyer 
Project Consultant and Legal Advisor  
(John served on the Moringa USA BOD from the very beginning in 2008 through to 2017)

John was essential to the MoringaCommunity.Org securing the NGO's original 501(C3) Federal Charitable status and our excellent and reliable Pennsylvania Department of Charitable Organizations license in addition to aligning us with required legal compliance under Federal and State guidelines. John remains active as a volunteer and acting consultant on business and legal maters related ro our charitable organization.