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U.S. Board of Directors

Jeffry Lohr,  President, Founder, Moringa General Director USA, Treasurer,
Linda Lohr, Vice President, Food Preservation Director, B.O.D. Secretary.
Dave Akers, Board Member, Business and Financial Advisor
Ben Dove,  Board Member, IT specialist, systems development.

Founder, Moringa General Director USA, Treasurer, & Webmaster

Jeffry Lohr is the founder and current manager of Moringa Community in the USA, as well as the webmaster. He initiated the project when he funded a scholarship to Abubakar Abudulai for 3 months to study at his woodworking school in Pennsylvania, USA. Jeffry has developed Mr. Jeffry’s Third World Machine Shop, and currently focuses on raising funds for Moringa Community, and providing educational resources for our Moringa Community Center in Ghana. Email Jeffry.

Vice President, Food Preservation Director, B.O.D. Secretary

Linda Lohr is a co-founder of Moringa Community, as well as our vice president, food preservation project director, and a key creative assistant on general project concept and development, Linda is also our Board of Directors recording secretary. .

Dave Akers DAVE AKERS 
Board Member, Financial Advisor, Auditor.

Dave is a retired insurance executive who also spent 8 years in the ministry. As part of his insurance work, Dave got an MBA from DePaul University with an emphasis in accounting. More recently Dave has been a partner in a small real estate partnership.

Dave was introduced to Ghana by CARE, the International poverty relief agency.  Dave and his wife Jean have been long time supporters of CARE and in 2009 Dave spent a summer in Ghana working as a volunteer on the VSLA project, a group savings project tht CARE pioneered in Africa.

Dave is a highly valued and very welcome addition to the Moringa Board of Directors effective 2017.  Since August of 2017 Dave is working directly with Abubkar Abdulai (our Ghana Project Co-Founder and project head master) to establish a more intensely proactive business plan for the Ghana side of the project that is focused primarily on our mission goal of project self sustainability. 

Board Member, Engineer, Educational Consultant

A graduate of University of North Dakota (UND).  Ben is currently working with students at UND College of Engineering and Mines to develop locally appropriate technologies that can be economically and practically reproduced from available resources in Ghana. 

Ben is also our project's active Educational Program Liaison working with multiple universities to encourage American educators in academics and trades to volunteer as quest teachers at our MCSOT school in Ghana.

If you or someone you know is interested in a rewarding two week or more teaching adventure in Ghana, please email a proposal or an inquiry a to Ben at:  

A Note from Jeff Lohr: From my own experience and that of our first American Volunteer Teacher Joe Katz, we can assure that Volunteers will find our African students disciplined, respectful, and refreshingly eager to learn.  In addition to Licensed educators in both Academics and Trades, we are also in need of committed adults able to teach basic computer skills, email, photography, photo editing programs, mechanics, food preservation and canning, quilting, and/or just about any useful life skill.    



Moringa Community has gained remarkable ground on achieving our goals since our project inception in 2008.  With continued support of our current donors and corporate sponsors, we believe our goal of self sustainability of our project in rural Ghana is achievable. 

It is important to note that all of us associated with MoringaCommunity.Org  USA are unpaid volunteers.  We do this work because we feel it important and because we realize if we don't do it that no one else will.  As we have no paid USA staff and we stretch every dollar donated to the fullest, we boast an honest and unprecedented 95% programs to costs ratio.  It would be higher if we did not have insurance and annual independent third party audit requirements but we are proud of this 95% programs to costs ratio regardless.

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