Ghana Volunteers

The Many People of Breman Baako. We owe our progress to date to these wonderful people.
Madam Kate   Moringa Food Preservation Assistant.


Madame KateMadam KATE
Food Preservation Assistant

Mad. Kate played a key role in studying the principle of home canning with Abu upon his return from the USA in 2008.  She was among the first to teach and demonstrate the principles of home canning in the village of Baako that Moringa currently primarily serves.



We Literally have 100's of volunteers that work diligently on our project in Ghana.  These individuals is what has made it possible for us to build and continue to operate the Moringa Community Center.  Jeff will be traveling to Ghana again in April 2011 and his plan is to take many pictures and take the names of all the key volunteers that have been so loyal to the Moringa project.   Visit this page later this year and I will make a point to recognize these special villagers and reference there gifts of work and volunteerism to Moringa.