Ghana Staff

Abubakar “Abu” Abdulai, Director
Yusif Haruna  Project Manager
Samuel Kweku Donkoh
 Carpentry Teacher
Joana Obbeng,  Canning and Food Preservation Teacher
Robet "Bob" Okyere,  Kente & Traditional Fabric Arts Teacher
Adiza Torkornyoh
Ebenezer Fynn English & Mathematics Teacher 
Samuel Acheampong Agriculture Department  

abuAbubakar “Abu” Abdulai

Abu is and has been the key person responsible for initiating Moringa Community and carrying out Moringa Community's mission. A native of Cape Coast, Ghana, Abu has spent much of his life in service to his country. He is a remarkable talent in a multitude of professional arenas including carpentry, social volunteerism, computer technology, and business. His drive and work ethic is easily apparent to anyone who has the privilege of working with him. Since his return to Ghana, he has already established an office for base operations in Cape Coast, secured land for our Moringa Community Center, has cleared land and begun construction. Abu will be directing all aspects of our mission in Ghana as it unfolds over the months and years to come.

YusifYusif Haruna
Project manager and compound superintendant. 

Mr Yusif.has played a key role in the Moringa Ghana organization from the very start in September 2008.  He has overseen our army of volunteer work crews as well as organized the land clearing, our bridge construction, as well as acted as general compound manager that has brought the Moringa Community Training Center to life.   Moringa owes much to this fine, hard working Ghanaian man .


SAMUEL "sowah" donkoh

Carpentry Teacher & Assistant Director

Sowah comes to Moringa with much experience and our project is most fortunate to have him.  He is serving as primary assistant to our chief director Abubuakar and also teaches our woodworking program at the Moringa Community Center.


JOANNA obbeng

Canning and Food Preservation Teacher

It is Moringa's honor to have Madam Joana as our home canning and food preservation teacher and specialist.  Ms.Obbeng holds an advanced cooking certificate from Suayani Polytechnic in Ghana.  Joana comes to us highly recommended and we are grateful to have her on our staff.



Bob OkyereRobert okyere
Moringa Community Kente & Fabric Arts Teacher

The Moringa School of Trades could not be more fortunate than to have Mr. Robert "Bob" Okyere on our staff.  Bob is an enormously talented Master Kente Weaver that has been extremely generous with his time and talent in development of our successful traditional Ghanaian weaving program at our school. Bob worked closely with our carpentry teacher Sowah to produce five (5) looms on which Bob now trains students interested in this traditional African art form.   Mr. Okyere's - Moringa Kente Program is the first among our training programs to be self sufficient.  The goods produced through the Kente program fund the Kente program which is our goal for all our departments.


Ebenezer FynnEBENEZER FYNN  
English and Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Fynn is our gifted English and Mathematics teacher at the Moringa School of Trades in Breman Baako.  As the majority of our poor rural students come to us with only a basic elementary school education, many are barely literate and as Mr. Fynn describes, need help with their A,B,C's and their arithmetic.  All should understand that public education as we know it does not exist in Ghana and most of the the third world. Very few children are educated beyond the 6th grade as their labor is needed on the farm to help support the family unit.  In addition to Mr Fynn's teaching responsibilities at our school, Ebenezer is also a hard working laborer egger to lend a hand on all projects about the compound.  We are most fortunate to have this man among our ranks of educated staff.


Samuel AcheampongSamuel Acheampong   
Agriculture and Family Farming Teacher

Samuel underwent his training at the Kwadaso Crop Research Institute and comes to us from the Cape Coast University Parks and Gardens Horticultural Dept.  Along with his job of teaching practical scale family farming techniques at our Moringa training center, we are most hopeful Mr. Acheampong's plans to develop and expand the Moringa Oleifera Plantation portion of our compound will flourish.