Ghanaian "Baako"  Board of Directors

Abubakar “Abu” Abdulai, Director of Moringa Community Ghana
Abubakar “Rafani” Shauib, Legal Counsel
Yusif Huruna, Moringa Project Manager 

AbuAbubakar “Abu” Abdulai
Director of Moringa Community Ghana

Abu is and has been the key person responsible for initiating Moringa Community and carrying out Moringa Community's mission. A native of Cape Coast, Ghana, Abu has spent much of his life in service to his country. He is a remarkable talent in a multitude of professional arenas including carpentry, social volunteerism, computer technology, and business. His drive and work ethic is easily apparent to anyone who has the privilege of working with him. Since his return to Ghana, he has already established an office for base operations in Cape Coast, secured land for our Moringa Community Center, has cleared land and begun construction. Abu will be directing all aspects of our mission in Ghana as it unfolds over the months and years to come.

RafaniAbubakar “Rafani” Shauib
Legal Counsel

Rafani, who is an attorney with the Legal & Prosecution Department / Serious Fraud Office of Old Parliament House in Accra, has been working closely with our organization from it's inception in July 2008. He established as a legal entity in Ghana and handles all of our legal work with the utmost of professionalism. We could not be more blessed than to have such a qualified legal advisor.

YusifYusif Haruna
Project managing assistant

Mr Yusif.has played a key role in the Moringa Ghana organization from the very start in September 2008.  He has overseen our army of volunteer work crews as well as organized the land clearing, our bridge construction, as well as acted as general compound manager that has brought the Moringa Community Training Center to life.   Moringa owes much to this fine, hard working Ghanaian man .