Involve Your Organization

 Examples of hands-on activities.

  •   SEED DRIVES: Organize a group or community garden seed collection drive for MCSOT.  Specifically Tomato, Beans of all types, Peas, Carrots, Cabbage, Onions, and Corn.
  •  VOLUNTEER AS  A VISITING TEACHER: Anyone that is healthy, fit, and can teach anything from computer & internet skills, history, science, or any of the trades and crafts we teach can volunteer to teach at MCSOT.  If you are serious about a willingness or interest in doing this, contact JeffryLohr@aol.com
  •  SPREAD THE WORD: Tell other people and organizations about the Moringa Project when ever you get the opportunity
  • SHIPPING:  If you or anyone you know is involved in shipping logistics, we could use help in this area. Shipping of supplies to Ghana is an ongoing difficult issue for us.  While we have certificates to clear items from the Takoradi and Tema Ports in Ghana, finding affordable ways to ship tools and equipment is ongoing problem for our project.  
  • SPONSOR:  Help pay small salaries ($40 to $100/month depending on education) to our Ghanaian teaching staff at the Moringa Community Center in Bremen Baako

Additional non-monetary things we need help with.

  • A dedicated volunteer to help us manage this Web Site to relieve our USA President Jeffry Lohr from this position as Moringa Webmaster. 
  • Journalists willing to tell our story.

Your tax deductible donation of $25, $50, $100, $200 (or more if you are able) will allow our efforts to become sustainable. Since we are a grass roots organization, we make every dollar count.