Our 2018 Wish List

      We have achieved much since our project's inception in 2008.  If you have viewed Abu's recent Video Update, you've seen first hand that MCSOT in Ghana has truly achieved what it set out to do.  Not only is the school fully enrolled but it is now generating much of its own operating capital through the sale of Moringa Made goods as well as through its modest student tuition.  As with any school, however, MCSOT struggles very hard to maintain what it has worked so hard to produce. 

Our current 2018 wish list is really an ongoing wish list of (5) key funding sectors we can always use help with. While we generally hope our donors will give us to the latitude to apply their support to "where it is needed most", we offer our current and ongoing wish list in the event donors find a specific line item they are particularly passionate about. Thanks for taking the time to check out our current wish list needs and considering them in your charity giving.
The image below is a live link to our current wish list:

Current Wish List Button

You can review our wish lists from previous years in the project.  Many of the referenced needs are still not met while others have been completed successfully.   Any questions please email JeffryLohr@aol.com regarding any specific concerns. 

We have achieved much since our project's inception in 2008.  However, although our project in Ghana now generates much of its own operating capital through its production of Moringa Made goods and services, we remain in need of basic operating expense support to keep our school programs strong and viable. 


As MoringaCommunity.Org USA is made up of a small
group of dedicated and completely UNPAID volunteers,
we are able to boast a 95% Programs to Costs Ratio.

This $0.95 out of every dollar donated being applied
directly to the programs, work, and projects illustrated on
this is site is (to our knowledge) unmatched in
realm of truly charitable work. 

Thanks again for your support and the kindness of your consideration. 

Or donate by check payable to and mailed to :
Moringa Community 
C/O Jody Christianson 
P.O. Box 3007
Bozeman, MT  59772-3007