A Message from a Supporter

Join Patty and almost 150 others in supporting Moringa Community’s vision.

Patty OwensI'm thankful to have been raised by a mother who always reached out to those less fortunate. She set a great example and I learned that lesson. To me it's not difficult to see how God has truly blessed me and I believe it is only right to help others that are in need. What is difficult is deciding the organization to partner with. I read how charitable organizations misuse funds and this has made me cynical and wary. After meeting Jeff, Linda, and Abu I was unreservedly sure The Moringa Community Project was something I could get behind. I attended a class taught by Jeff and Abu was doing his "internship" at that time. I spoke to Abu about his country and how the people there lived. His compassion for them and his passion to try to improve things really stirred my heart. Talking with Jeff about how he was helping Abu and how he hoped to continue to help, got me excited. Later I found out how Linda was teaching Abu to preserve food - well all of that together really blew my mind.

I send contributions monthly and I feel no hesitation about it. I really know they care about what they are doing. I can trust that they are putting all the funds toward the project AND with integrity. I keep up with the project via the web site and I think the progress is miraculous. Truly. It is amazing to me to see what a couple of kind, giving people just doing what they can to help a guy from the other side of the world can turn into.

- Patty Owens, Virginia, USA