Letters from the Ghanaian Board of Directors

From Judith, Food Preservation Director:

Judith AttobrahI gladly welcome the Moringa Community organization. This is because I believe it will not only help solve the food problems we face in Ghana here, but will also do a lot of thing to educate our people to provide the financial resources for the development of the country Ghana. I therefore pledge you unflinching support to the project and hope to execute it successfully.

If I should go into the genesis of what went behind the scenes for last week meeting to become a reality, it will marvel to me. What I want to say in short is that some people have fought a good battle and deserve to be congratulated.

I also enjoined as one people to come together to contribute our quota towards a good cause. I hope that the project will help us Ghanaians to demarcate and take good use of our food in Ghana here.


Judith Attobrah

From Yusif, Project Manager:

Yusif HarunaI am proud to be path of this project, because of been fortunately to be path .since Abu return to Ghana with this project, I remained fully committed to this project .it is amazing to me the way things are moving .infarct I personally never thought that, and we are extremely fortunate to have such a project, which my brothers and sisters here in Ghana as well as west Africa are going to benefit.

Without our lovely brothers and sisters in U.S. this project couldn't have come true, I am fully committed to do whatever i can so that god will bless this project Moringa Community, will benefit and people of Ghana as well as West Africa from this generation to the next generation.


Yusif Haruna