How To Volunteer As A

     If you are interested in being a volunteer teacher at Moringa Community School of Trades, please read our first Volunteer Teacher Mr. Joseph's Report to learn how well you will be taken care of and what to expect on the ground in Ghana. 

    Do understand we are a hand-to-mouth charitable organization that is always struggling for funding.  While we cannot sponsor your air travel to and from Ghana, nor can we pay you for your volunteered service, we can and will provide safe travel from time of arrival to time of departure while in Ghana. We will also provide a comfortable private room with private bath, refrigerator, WiFi, and king size bed for single individual, partnered team, or couple that are comfortable with sharing a King Bed.  We will also serve you the main meal of the day but you will be on your own to prepare your own breakfast and dinner that you can cook just as the students do, OR, you can hire one of the students in our Catering and Food Services Department as your private chef and assistant for the off hour meals.  Trust the kids would love such a job for perhaps a $1.00 a day wage plus a small stores budget for your dining pleasure.

    Moringa Community School of Trades is specifically in need of volunteer teachers in English, Mathematics, History, Computer Literacy, Health, Sex Education, Industrial Arts, Canning, and other disciplines.  In addition the school needs volunteers knowledgeable in general business management, marketing, advertisement, counseling, first aide, and general administration to help our school achieve our goal of self sustainability.

   As MCSOT is a school entrusted with not only the education but the safety of kids 14 to 18 years of age, we are obliged to screen any and all applicants appropriately.  In addition to submitting a reasonable proposal for how our students and school will benefit from your gift of service, applicants are required to submit a resume along with at least three professional references. 

    Applicants with provable teaching experience and background are favored over all other applicants.  However, we will consider all qualified applicants.

 .We require a minimum commitment of (3) three weeks  
but prefer and need longer periods if possible

For sincere inquires, please contact: JeffryLohr@aol.com

  Please include in your email a prospectus on what you are hopeful to offer our program on the ground in Ghana.