Moringa Processing Ghana


Moringa Oleifera - The Tree of Life and the botanical from which we derived our MoringaCommunity.Org Name.

The Moringa Oleifera plant is referenced in over 80 tropical countries and has been in use since the civilizations of Greece and Rome and Egypt through the current day.   Sometimes called the Tree of Life by locals, and often called the Multipurpose Wonder Tree by modern nutritionists and scientists, this humble tree is the most nutrient rich plant yet discovered.

Moringa Seed Planting

Because the nutritional benefits of Moringa are so Well known, there have been countless instances of lifesaving nutritional rescue that has been attributed to the Moringa Oleifera plant. In situations where starvation is imminent--consumption of the Moringa leaf powder has literally restored life.

 A doctor in Senegal, working with the huge problem of malnourishment of women and babies said; "We have always had problems with the classical approach to treating malnourished children. This was based on industrial products…whole milk powder, vegetable oil, sugar. When you tell a parent to go buy these things, it is truly costly. On the other hand, with Moringa the resources if locally available. The people themselves can produce it. We have done experiments in treating malnourished children with this plant and the results are truly spectacular.”

Perparing Transplant Beds

 When the solution to a problem shifts from external resources to internal resources, everything changes. When insight and understanding permits drawing from a locally available, easily obtainable , inexpensive, renewal resource as a solution to a problem, excitement  develops. When it’s clear this approach is capable of expanding into a culture or a country’s thinking so real traction can be obtained, and momentum built, then the solution is elegant and beautiful.  The MoringaCommunity.Org project can do just that.

Seedlings Ready for Transplant

Like the Moringa tree, this project will be nutrient rich. It will replace some of the typically industrialized approaches that are too expensive , unsuitable, and awkward. Like the Moringa, with simple tools and skills, the people can locally produce their own product to feed themselves and restore life. Like the Moringa, where every single part of the plant has a use, the products of this project can be used repeatedly and expansively .Like the Moringa, this project can grow anywhere. Like the Moringa, the more the fruits of this project are used, the more discoveries will be made for additional applications.

Moringa Trees Boarder Our Compound

The Moringa Community Project in Breman Baako Ghana, among many other practical oriented programs, will be devoting much of it's attention and resources toward development of useful, nutritional products to be derived from our Moringa Oleifera Trees as they mature.  We will be putting much into research and development of practical methods of harvest and product extraction techniques.   We admittedly have much to learn but like all of our projects that have developed into significant success stories, we learn by doing.   The importance is to begin. 

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