Grasscutter Domestication Project




Moringa's Grasscutter Domestication & Animal Husbandry Project

The Grasscutter is a smallish African rodent that currently is predominantly a bush animal.  In 2011 the Moringa Community Project has undertook a domestication effort for these animals that are considered a fine delicacy by Ghanaians.  As the animal is often overhunted in the bush , Moringa seeks to not only protect the animal from threat but also is attempting to make the transition into a micro livestock business venture.  Through our start up project ( and research), we believe that with time, we will be able to teach the proper ranching techniques of these low fat, high protein animals. This will permit a meat source to be available to even the lowest of income families in rural communities. Take this adventure with us and help us grow this sustainable animal husbandry project in W. Africa.

Grasscutter as bush meat in Ghana Grasscutter House
Jeffry at open air road side bush meat stand. Grasscutters are generally smoked over a wood fire and preserved as seen with reed stick frames. Click on picture to enlarge.  As Grasscutters are surprisingly delicate animals they are surprisingly susceptible to Pneumonia. Here our staff is covering the sides of our grasscutter house with reed mats to reduce drafts 
Baby Grasscutters at  MoringaCommunity.Org Housing our First Baby Grasscutters
We are pleased to introduce our very first male and female Grasscutters that we've named Adam and Eve.  May they produce a long lineage of strong descendents to grow our Animal Husbandry Project   Above Sowah and some of our students are housing our very first pair of grasscutters.  Come back and note their progress in creating offspring.