Importing Canning Jars to W. Africa



Moringa is ever grateful to our Corporate Sponsor
Ball Corporation (a division of Jarden Home Brands)
We never could have hoped to introduce home canning into West Africa without their very generous support.  Thank you Jarden!

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Jarden 2010 Support for Moringa 

Jarden Home Brands has helped us tremendously since 2010 when we first starred to introduce home canning in to Ghana.  In 2010 Jarden not only donated a full container of supplies but paid the ocean  shipping cost to the port in Tema.   Moringa then transported the load 150 miles to our center ourselves.

Jarden Supports Moringa Again in 2011 

In 2011 Jarden kicked their support up a huge number of notches by not only increasing the size of their donation but they also paid the full expense of overland shipping of the container from the port to our own storage warehouse which sure was not cheap.

Abu hustled up a number of volunteers to off load the huge shipment of glassware. The guys were fortunate this year when the truck arrived for offloading as it was only 90 Degrees.


This is our Moringa Owned Metal Storage Container that we own.  As our cargo is precious to us, Abu take no chances with security and welds the big doors shut to run no risk of theft.  This is a plate arrangement that is then cut off with a torch when we have to supplement our stock as we use it.


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