August 2008: Support from Chief Nana Kweku

hist Nana Kweku
Abu elicits the support of Chief Nana Kweku in the village of Baako using a laptop provided by Moringa Community.
Two men whom Nana Kweku assigned to help Abu clear the land where Moringa Community is building a community center. The land is only two utility poles away from having public electricity.
Some of the tools Abu took home from his stay with the Lohrs included his own computer and a PowerPoint digital projector he could use to educate Ghanaian leaders.  The goal was to gain support to build a new training center and school in Ghana.

As soon as he returned to Ghana, Abu visited several villages, talking to tribal chiefs and village elders to secure a building site for the Moringa Community Center, where we plan to start a fully fledged trade school, for the benefit of the entire community.

He traveled from village to village throughout the central region of Ghana. After only a few weeks, Abu elicited the support of the visionary Chief Nana Kweku Adu-Twum of the village of Baako and through him, not only did we secure a nine acre land parcel, but Chief Kweku also assigned Abu five men each day to help clear the land and build the Moringa Community Center. Additionally our land is only two utility poles away from having public electricity, which is very fortunate in Ghana! Before, we were concerned that we would be forced to use a generator. We are incredibly blessed, and we are very optimistic about our future plans.


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