July 16 - 19 2008: Preparing for Abu's Return to Ghana

Abu prepares for his departure with four extra bags of supplies provided by Moringa Community's supporters.
As Abu’s departure approached, we put the final touches on the fine points of Mr. Jeffry's Third World Machine parts and packed them into large canvas bags for Abu's flight home. Jeffry spent his final two days teaching Abu about the froe, (a tool for accurately splitting wood) the shaving horse, (a home made machine for securing work for hand shaping) the draw knife, (a two handled cutting tool for free form shaping) the spoke shave, (a final shaping and dressing tool) and finally the spoke pointer and brace tenoner, (two vintage western style hand tools not as common in other areas of the world).

At last, on July 19, 2008, Abu departed from JFK loaded down with four extra bags of supplies to get the project off the ground in Ghana. In his bags he had 300 lbs of carefully selected items purchased from some of the funds donated thus far to our fledgling organization, Moringa Community. Included in his bags are such things as a new desk top computer and flat screen monitor, a multi media projector for public presentations to solicit more support from local chiefs and the Ghana government, 6 DVD instructional programs we produced while he was in America that will be the seed of what we intend as the Moringa Community Learning Center in Cape Coast. Also included are the all the important parts needed to create the first "Adam" in Ghana, a 2 year supply of router bits and cutters, multiple computer programs needed to administrate and promote our mission in Ghana, as well as funds for Abu to distribute to the Ghana artists that donated work for our June 14th fund raiser auction. We also included reference books on canning and woodworking in his bags and a bunch of other items that escape me at this writing.

It was sad to see Abu leave, but at the same time we were exhilarated knowing that Abu was well equipped for the founding of the Moringa Community Center in Cape Coast, Ghana.

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