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2009 Lohr Farm Fundraiser



Jeffry & Linda Lohr Founders speak at least once a month at churches, clubs, and schools.  Below are some listings and examples of our presentations.  

Jeffry and Linda Lohr are easily approachable to speak at your church, civic group, and or club by advanced invitation.   Our project story is uplifting and very educational to all.  Please email Jeffry at  for information about doing a presentation before your organization.   You are also invited to check out some additional news regarding our presentations on our our blog

Lohr School of Woodworking For the past two years, the J.D. Lohr School of Woodworking Lohr has been the strongest financial and active supporter of the Moringa Project to date.   We are pleased to report that four churches have added some of their financial muscle behind the Moringa project as well starting in 2009 and have become an ever growing source of funding for our small but powerful NGO.

A one hour long Moringa presentation is given once a month on a Friday between 4:45pm and 6:00pm at the Lohr Woodworking Studio and School after that month's weeklong class.  Guest are welcome to these events by contacting Jeffry by email at

 Lancaster Church of the Brethern   Churches
An ever growing number of regional churches have put the MoringaCommunity.Org project front and center on their foreign ministry out reach programs.   Linda and Jeffry Lohr have traveled throughout Eastern Pennsylvania to present mission to congregations that range from less than 25 to that of as many as 200+.  In every case, each church has stepped up to embrace the practical minded mission of the Moringa Project in W. Africa. 

With regard to level of support received from the churches we have reached out to, it has ranged enormously from support in the hundred's to that of the thousand's.  Regardless, of the level of support, we are always willing and proud to bring our message of hope to your church or organization. 

Spring Ford Rotary ClubWe are very pleased to have been invited to speak before 5 Rotary clubs including one in Takoradi, Ghana, W. Africa.   Rotary International has been a significant supporter of the Moringa Project.  For details about their involvement please scroll down the pages of our blog




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