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2009 Lohr Farm Fundraiser


Thank You for the Resounding Success at our 2009 Fundraiser Celebration!

The weather held up for the celebration of the anniversary of our NGO on September 26, 2009.  A good time was had by all!

flags  cake 
With the generous support of those attending the event and those sending in donations even though they were unable to attend, we were able to raise enough money to pay for the roof (and more) of the new Moringa Community Training Center.  Picture of the incredible progress can be found in the Current Progress page of Our Story.

In addition to allowing us to continue on a path to allow a January 2010 opening of the Training Center in Baako, the fundraiser provided opportunities for fun and networking for everyone whether enjoying one of the numerous event activies:

The Entertainment
(Graciously donated by Randy Zimmerman and Cory Labrasca)

randy_cory finale
Randy Zimmerman and Cory Labrasca offered music for the crowd in the late afternoon before everyone moved onto the auction events. The entertainment closed with an acoustic version of Teach a Man to Fish - the guiding premise of Moringa Community

The Skype Greeting
(Baako villagers joined Abu on the webcam)

Skype-Wave  Skype
As the Skype connection becomes active, the crowd raises a cheer of hellos for our Ghanaian counterparts!. Jeffry Lohr addresses the group in Baako, which was later followed by a greeting in Fante from one of the Pennsylvania event attendees.

The Direct Sale Area

Sales kinte 
The sales team (Ralph and Valerie) prepares for the onslaught of browsers and buyers Linda and co-worker Christian discuss Kinte cloth that he brought from Ghana - its design and importance to the Ghanaian culture. 
fitting  jewelry 
Diane helps a potential buyer evaluate the hand-crafted clothing from Ghana for size.   The jewelry display allowed everyone to see the range of colors and styles (available at bargain prices for holiday shopping).  

The Raffle and Silent Auction Table

raffle  silent auction 
Volunteers selling raffle tickets get last minute instructions from Linda.   The group waits for the results of the silent auction bids.

The Woodworking Auction
(Lots generously donated by Rick Hearne of Hearne Hardwoods)

wood1  wood2
Eoin gets the bidding off to a good start.   The bidders listen for the lots and descriptions.

The Art Auction

batik Ralph-artist
Allison starts the bidding for the numerous art pieces offered, including batiks, paintings, and stoneware.   Ralph describes the importance of artists Godwin Adjei Sowah and Huruna Osman.

It's not too late!  Even if you missed this wonderful opportunity to support Moringa Community, you can still support us.  Just click on the "Donate" icon below.

Or, if you are unable to attend, please consider a Tax Deductible donation either via the Donate link or by sending a check payable to MoringaCommunity, and mail it to:

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